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Dish TV’s Zing Super FTA

According to Dish TV, customers who install the Zing Super FTA set top box will have access to 186 DD Free Dish channels as well as 94 Dish TV free to air channels.

Today, we'll tell you about the Zing Super FTA Box channel list for 2021, along with the genres that will help you comprehend it better. Dish TV is the provider of the channel whose name is placed in front of it (Dish TV), which you can only view on the Zing Super FTA Box and not on any other DD Free Dish set top box.

Channel List 2021 Zing Super FTA Box

If we get this new set top box placed in our home, it is also critical that we understand the Zing Super FTA Box Offer and Packs. As you can see, there are some terms and conditions that apply to this new set top box:

When you sign up for a new Zing Super FTA set-top box, you'll be given access to over 230 channels, including all of DD Free Dish's channels, to watch for free for the next two years. These 230 channels include some of the most popular free-to-air channels that are not included in DD Free Dish but will be provided to you for no charge. The following is a list of those channels' names:

Zing Super FTA Box Channel List

India's famous Direct to Home DTH service Dish TV has recently launched a new "Zing Super FTA Set Top Box" to connect with the customers of DD Free Dish. In this box, you get a chance to watch all the channels of DD Free Dish as well as the channels provided by Dish TV. That is why today we have brought Zing Super FTA Box Channel List for you.

Zing FTA Box

Dish TV company says that the customer who gets the Zing Super FTA set top box installed will be given 186 channels offered by DD Free Dish along with 94 free to air channels of Dish TV.

Zing Super FTA Box channel list 2021

Today we will tell you Zing Super FTA Box channel list 2021 with Genre which will make it easier for you to understand. The channel whose name is written in front of (Dish TV) is being given by Dish TV, which you can watch only in Zing Super FTA Box, whereas you will not be able to see in any other set top box of DD Free Dish.

Hindi GEC: 13

  1. DD National
  2. DD Retro
  3. DD Bharati
  4. Zee Anmol
  5. Sony Pal
  6. Colors Rishtey
  7. Star Utsav
  8. Azad
  9. Dangal
  10. ABZY Cool
  11. Shemaroo TV
  12. The Q
  13. Big Magic
  14. Ishara TV (Dish TV


  1. Zee Anmol Cinema
  2. Star Utsav Movies
  3. Colors Cineplex Bollywood
  4. Rishtey Cineplex
  5. Sony Wah
  6. Manoranjan TV
  7. Dhinchaak
  8. Dhinchaak 2
  9. Enterr 10 Movies
  10. bflix movies
  11. Movie Plus
  12. ABZY Movies
  13. B4U Movies
  14. B4U Kadak
  15. Maha Movie
  16. Zee Classic (Dish TV)
  17. Box Cinema (Dish TV)
  18. Cinema TV India (Dish TV)
  19. WOW Cinema One (Dish TV)


  1. KBS World


  1. DD Kisan
  2. Naaptol
  3. EZ Mall
  4. Dr. Shuddi

Hindi News: 17

  1. Zee News
  2. Aaj Tak
  3. ABP News
  4. NDTV India
  5. News 24
  6. Republic Bharat
  7. Sudarshan News
  8. News Nation
  9. Zee Hindustan
  10. Sansad TV
  11. News18 India
  12. TV9 Bharatvarsh
  13. Samay
  14. Good News Today
  15. India TV
  16. DD News
  17. India News


  1. DD India
  2. Republic TV (Dish TV)
  3. Aljazeera (Dish TV)
  4. India Ahead (Dish TV)
  5. France 24 (Dish TV)
  6. Russia Today (Dish TV)


  1. Zing
  2. 9XM
  3. MTV Beats
  4. mastiii
  5. Show Box
  6. B4U Music
  7. I Love Pen Studios


  1. DD Sports
  2. Star Sports 1 Hindi ( Dish TV) (When Indian Team Plays)
  3. Sony Ten 3 (Dish TV) (When Indian Team Plays)


  1. Aastha
  2. Sanskar TV
  3. Sadhna TV
  4. Divya (Dish TV)
  5. Hare Krsna (Dish TV)
  6. Ishwar TV ( (Dish TV)
  7. Shubh TV ( (Dish TV)
  8. Satsang TV ( (Dish TV)
  9. Santwani TV (Dish TV)
  10. Peace of Mind (Dish TV)
  11. Jinvani TV (Dish TV)
  12. Paras Gold (Dish TV)
  13. Arihant (Dish TV)


Available from Swayam Prabha 1 to Swayam Prabha 32. So right there..

E Vidya Channel is available from 1 to 12.

U P/UK: 8

  1. DD Uttar Pradesh
  2. DD Uttarakhand
  3. Zee UP/UK (Dish TV)
  4. News State UP/UK
  5. India News UP/UK
  6. FM News
  7. News18 UP/UK
  8. ABP Ganga (Dish TV)

MP/CG: 3

  1. DD Madhya Pradesh
  2. DD Chattisgarh
  3. Zee MP/CG (Dish TV)


  1. DD Rajasthan
  2. Zee Rajasthan News (Dish TV)


  1. DD Bihar
  2. DD Jharkhand
  3. Zee Bihar/Jharkhand (Dish TV)
  4. Zee Biskope
  5. Bhojpuri Cinema
  6. Filamchi Bhojpuri
  7. Zee Ganga
  8. B4U Bhojpuri
  9. Sangeet Bhojpuri (Dish TV)
  10. Dabangg
  11. News India 24×7
  12. Manoranjan Grand
  13. ABZY Dhakad


  1. DD Punjabi
  2. DD Himachal Pradesh
  3. DD Haryana
  4. zee punjabi
  5. Manoranjan Movies
  6. Zee Punjab/Haryana/Himachal (Dish TV)
  7. Chardikla Time TV
  8. PTC Punjabi (Dish TV)
  9. PTC Chak De (Dish TV)
  10. PTC News (Dish TV)
  11. PTC Punjabi Gold (Dish TV)
  12. PTC Music (Dish TV)
  13. PTC Simran (Dish TV)
  14. Pitaara (Dish TV)
  15. 9X Tashan (Dish TV)
  16. MH One (Dish TV)
  17. Punjabi Hits (Dish TV)
  18. Balle Balle (Dish TV)
  19. India News Haryana (Dish TV)

Marathi: 14

  1. DD Sahyadri
  2. DD Goa
  3. Shemaroo Marathibana
  4. Fakt Marathi
  5. Chitramandir
  6. Sun Marathi
  7. Zee 24 Taas (Dish TV)
  8. 9X Jhakaas (Dish TV)
  9. Sangeet Marathi (Dish TV)
  10. Zee Vajwa (Dish TV)
  11. ABP Majha (Dish TV)
  12. TV9 Marathi (Dish TV)
  13. Saam TV (Dish TV)
  14. Lokshahi TV (Dish TV)


Vande Gujarat Channels 1 to 16 is available.

  1. DD Girnar
  2. Zee 24 Kalak (Dish TV)
  3. TV9 Gujarat (Dish TV)
  4. Sandesh News (Dish TV)
  5. ABP Asmita (Dish TV)
  6. VTV News Gujarati (Dish TV)
  7. Mantavya 24×7 News (Dish TV)


  1. DD Oriya
  2. OTV (Dish TV)
  3. Zee Odisha (Dish TV)
  4. News 7 Prameya (Dish TV)
  5. Argus News (Dish TV)
  6. Kalinga TV (Dish TV)
  7. Kanak News (Dish TV)
  8. Manjari TV (Dish TV)
  9. MBC TV (Dish TV)
  10. Naxatra News (Dish TV)
  11. Nandighosa TV (Dish TV)


  1. DD Bangla
  2. BTV World
  3. Enterr 10 Bangla
  4. Aakash Aath (Dish TV)
  5. Sun Bangla (Dish TV)
  6. Rongeen TV (Dish TV)
  7. CTVN AKD Plus (Dish TV)
  8. Rupasi Bangla (Dish TV)
  9. Khushboo Bangla (Dish TV)
  10. Dhoom Music (Dish TV)
  11. Sangeet Bangla (Dish TV)
  12. Kolkata TV (Dish TV)
  13. News Time Bangla (Dish TV)
  14. ABP Ananda (Dish TV)
  15. Republic Bangla (Dish TV)
  16. TV9 Bangla (Dish TV)
  17. R Plus (Dish TV)
  18. Calcutta News (Dish TV)

Urdu: 5

  1. DD Urdu
  2. DD Kashir
  3. Zee Salaam (Dish TV)
  4. Gulistan News (Dish TV)
  5. Channel Win (Dish TV)


  1. DD Assam
  2. DD Tripura
  3. DD Nagaland
  4. DD Meghalaya
  5. DD Arun Prabha
  6. DD Manipur
  7. DD Mizoram
  8. News Live (Dish TV)
  9. Prag News (Dish TV)
  10. North East Live (Dish TV)
  11. Rangoni TV (Dish TV)
  12. Rang (Dish TV)
  13. Jonack TV (Dish TV)
  14. Indradhenu (Dish TV)
  15. Ramdhenu TV (Dish TV)
  16. Assam Talks 24×7 (Dish TV)
  17. DY 365 (Dish TV)
  18. Pratidin Time (Dish TV)
  19. NK TV 24×7 (Dish TV)
  20. ND 24 (Dish TV)


DD Podhigai


  1.  1.DD Saptagiri

  2.  2.DD Yadagiri


  1. DD Chandana
  2. TV9 Kannada (Dish TV)


  1. DD Malayalam
  2. Mazhavil Manorama (Dish TV)
  3. Asianet News (Dish TV)

By combining all these channels, you get a total of around 290 channels, in which 186 channels are available from DD Free Dish's satellite and the rest of the channels will be available from Dish TV's satellite. In this, new channels will also be added from time to time for you, so that their number can reach up to 350.

Zing Super FTA Set Top Box Review

Talking about this Zing Super FTA Set Top Box Review, on installing it for the first time, about 290 free to air channels are given free for full 2 ​​years and after completion of 2 years, Rs 499 per year has to be paid. Another feature of this set top box is that you can also subscribe to your favorite paid channels separately, for which you do not have to pay a separate network capacity fee of Rs 153.

For example: Suppose you want to get Sony channel separately in your package then you have to pay only Sony channel price, GST of 18 per cent on top and Rs.10 NCF (Network Capacity Fee) per channel.

Sony priced at Rs. 30 rupees per month


18% GST rate applicable: Rs 5.35


NCF Rate Per Channel: Rs 10

In total you will have to pay Rs 45.35 per month. So in the same way you can watch any paid channel by subscribing. We have prepared a great post on this in which you will get complete information related to it. Click on the given post to read it.

Dish TV launches Zing Super FTA Box for Free Channels

Zing Super FTA Box Price

Some of you will also have a question that what is Zing Super FTA Box Price and where can we buy it, then see it is available only with your nearest dealer and apart from this you can also contact us online after a few weeks. Can buy You will be informed soon about how you can buy from us.

Apart from this, if we talk about its price, then it is available at different prices with every dealer. Xing Super FTA Set Top Box can be easily bought between Rs.850 to Rs.1300/-.

We hope that you have liked the information about Zing Super FTA Box Channel List given by us . If you want to get more similar information, then subscribe and follow our website today and share this post with your friends and family.

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Dish TV Launch Zing Super FTA Box | Zing Super FTA Box Price and Offers | Zing Super FTA Box

Dish TV Launch Zing Super FTA Box | Zing Super FTA Box Price and Offers | Zing Super FTA Box Dish TV Launch Zing Super FTA Box | Zing Super FTA Box Price and Offers | Zing Super FTA Box Dish TV Launch Zing Super FTA Box | Zing Super FTA Box Price and Offers | Zing Super FTA Box

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