Melbone WiFi dongle is with all SIM supported

 MELBON 4G Dongle All Sim Support

 MELBON 4G wifi dongle gives you a fast blazing network, which is easy to use and can be carried everywhere.  Whether, you're on a holiday, in a cafe, on a train, or in a park, you can carry a MELBON 4G wifi dongle with you and get your work done.  Wireless 4G dongle can be plugged easily into your computer's USB port which can connect up to 10 devices at a time.  A portable wifi dongle is useful for places where fixed-line broadband is slow and unreliable.  This 4G sim dongle works with any sim card with high speed on the go.

 l Portable: MELBON 4G wifi dongle come in a very handy size.  You can carry it easily whether in a cafe, in a park, or while going on a holiday.

 l High Speed: 4G dongle all sim support gives you a true 4G speed which makes life faster and easier.

 Easy to use: MELBON 4G wifi dongle come very user friendly.  You can simply plug it into your computer's USB port.  They allow a connection with up to 10 devices.

 LED Indicators

 MELBON 4G wifi dongle comes with an inbuilt LED indicator to exhibit the speed and signal strength to the user.

 All Sim Support

 This 4G wifi Dongle can work with any sim of your choice, across all places with high speed.

 Easy Connectivity

 It lets you connect up to 10 devices at a time from phone to laptop, PC to Smart TV with a high and stable speed.

 Perfect For Every Space

 A portable wifi dongle is a perfect pick if you are on a holiday, traveling, sitting in a cafe, or in a park.  It can be carried anywhere you go so that you can use the internet wherever you want.

 Device Compatibility

 Wireless 4G Dongle can connect up to 10 devices at a time including mobile phones, TV, tablets, Smart TV and computer.

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